We’re here to help you plan for the future during these uncertain times. Our pensions experts share their tips and guidance to help you get started. Watch our webinars, Q&A’s and hear how we are helping households across the UK in our Changing Futures partnership with Channel 4.

Channel 4 Changing Futures Series

Watch our Changing Futures series in partnership with Channel 4. Host George Clark and Scottish Widows Retirement Expert, Jackie Leiper are on hand to help households across the country plan for the future during these uncertain times.

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Changing Futures Sessions #PAD20

Whatever stage you’re at in planning your financial future Scottish Widows are here to help. Join our experts throughout Pension Awareness Week where they will share their top tips and you can ask them anything about pensions!

13 Sept


How is the UK shaping up for retirement? (15 mins)

14 Sept


In a workplace pension scheme? How to make the most of it. (15 mins)

15 Sept


Hoping to retire soon? What you need to know. (15 mins)

15 Sept


10 things you should know about pensions. (15 mins)

16 Sept


Self Employed? Top tips for future planning. (15 mins)

17 Sept


Under 30? Why saving now for the future is a good idea. (15 mins)

18 Sept


The Gender Pension Gap. Is it real and how can you avoid it? (15 mins)

What have I got?

Your first step to retirement planning is finding out what you already have. This means looking at any pensions you may have had over the years, tracing them, and checking how much is in them. Our expert sessions and pension basics series means we’re here to help answer your most commonly asked questions.

Am I on track?

Once you’ve worked out what you have, it’s time to look at how to make the most of it, and whether it’s enough for a comfortable retirement. We can help you find out if you’re on track with our pension calculator tools.

What next?

It’s great knowing you’ve done all you can to get your plans on track but worth remembering to review how much you’re contributing to help keep these plans on track. You should also look at some additional steps you can take to get the most out of retirement.

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